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- Things you must try in a country house
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Things you must try in a Country House Hotel

The Country House Hotel is a perfect place when you want to escape from the busy city life. Every once in a while it is very pleasant and calming to get rid of the busy life, meeting deadlines and boring routine. A Country House Hotel is the best place to escape from all these things, just plan a vacation away from everything a go live and breathe in nature.

Air And Sunlight

Green grass, dew drops, fresh air and warm sunlight everything about the country house is perfect. If you are planning a trip or vacation to a country house here are some things that you need to try in a country house.

Outdoor Tea Party

Everyone loves the idea of breakfast in bed but what’s even more interesting is an outdoor tea party. If you are in a country house don’t sit inside, go explore everything, try fresh fruits and breathe fresh air.

Tea Outdoor

You need to try morning tea and evening tea outdoor, sitting on a chair during sunset, you can enjoy the scene as well as feel the warmth dissolving into the cool breeze.

During morning wake up a little early and enjoy the sunrise, if you love photography, take the perfect shot. Most of the country house management love to serve fresh fruits and organic food, take advantage of this time.


Everyone these days is more focused on fitness, most of the time we turn on the loud music and run on a treadmill, where there is no fresh air. Try walking on the green grass damp with dew drops, take off your shoes and walk slowly, breath in and out. It is recommended as the best form of meditation, walking barefoot on grass helps in improving eyesight and breathing fresh air is very good for skin. it is a perfect start for a day, a good breakfast and a workout in the fresh air.


You must have done this already so many times, but most of the time it is just you lying on the cold hard concrete of your house staring and counting stars. How about lying on the grass and staring at the clear black sky with beautiful stars. Just listen to the voice of everything around you and breath slowly, you will not experience this anytime soon, so just stay there. Listen to your favorite slow song and count stars. You can take pictures if you want, this is your time, do what you love there is nothing between you and Mother Nature.