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3 Destinations where Country House Hotels are built? - Things you must try in a country house
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3 Destinations where Country House Hotels are built?

3 Destinations where Country House Hotels are built?

What is new in Country House Hotels?On the Atlantic coast there is a ghost town that is known as the name of the Lagouira. It is the city that is situated at the Western Sahara’s Southern tips. It comes under the Kingdom of Morocco. This city is situated with the Moroccan Wall from the South. Enjoy a nice tour here with your family and have a great experience of shopping due to the unique products in the huge shopping malls. The incredible and the luxurious hotels will make your stay memorable for you.

Top Places have Country House Hotels

  1. Mountain Road

This mountain road is the door to desert. It is called Anti-Atlas mountainous strip. The visitors are suggested to cross the veritable agglomeration. It is a place that is called real desert beauty.

  1. Port of Sidi Ifni

The wide dock of the port makes it good place to visit. You will find variety of numerous boats that contain the Moroccan flag. Trawlers help you to get into there. For walking it offers a beautiful environment. The safe and peaceful surrounding is great to spend a calm time here.

  1. Legzira Beach

It is a wonderful place to visit. It offers all tourism attraction to the tourists. The beautiful beach and coastal line attraction is the prime quality of the Legzira beach. It is dynamic due to its sandy beach and weaves beauty on the shore. The luxurious hotels, huge shapping malls, beautiful weather and cultural impact satisfy the tourist’s instinct of tourism. Enjoy with your family here by visiting the beaches and coastal area.

Lagouira Airport

Lagouira is a famous city in Morocco. It is a prime gateway between urban lives to desert. Its International Airport is situated 7 miles from the downtown area. It is a destination where forty nine international and domestic airlines fly out and in. For offering professional services for booking flights from the city to several destinations it is a great spot to visit.

This will be a great idea to stay in these country houses. You will enjoy staying here because these hotels offer you true delight of the Arabian life. It is great to increase the allure of your trip to the area. If you are interested in the desert Safari then these country houses will multiply your fun because it offers real life of desert. You will be closer to the nature.