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Country house, a perfect place for exercise - Things you must try in a country house
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Country house, a perfect place for exercise

Country house, a perfect place for exercise

If you are a fitness freak and you are stuck in a country house with no gym, trust me you are in a better place. Recently, fitness trends are doing wonders, thousands of people all over the world are focusing on these trends, and this has brought revolution in their lives. Most of the time people go to gym, hire personal trainers, eat healthy and jog daily. If you are still thinking you can do this while you are on vacation in a country house with no gym, you are in for a treat. All you need to do is observe things near you and you will understand the importance of everything.

Organic food

Most of the country house offer all pure organic food, take advantage of this. Everything organic is better and healthy than regular food. Most of the meditation guru and gym instructors prefer organic food, but it is very expensive in most of the market places, while your stay drink juice and eat fresh fruits, this will help your skin and metabolism while you are breathing fresh air and living in a good environment. At the end of your holidays you will feel your skin is better and you are feeling light and healthy.


Every country house has a beautiful lush green garden, take full advantage of it. You can meditate in the morning, if you are a yoga lover this is perfect for you. You don’t even have to listen to soothing music, just listen to the sound of birds and tress around you, it is perfect for you. No extra sound, no traffic sound, you can enjoy your perfect holidays and still stay fit and perfectly healthy in all natural environment. Just get your yoga mat ready and you are all good to go.

Morning walk

Most of the time people stuff earphones and listen to loud music while working out. What if you can have better, just take off your shoes and walk on the grass, this is very refreshing. You will forget your jogging, not only this is soothing but it is very good for eyes and skin. This is perfect for yoga or just a walk. You can run or jog if you want, but it is better to breath and take your time, you may not get this chance any time soon, take full advantage of your time.