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Cragwood Country House Hotel - Things you must try in a country house
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Cragwood Country House Hotel

Cragwood Country House Hotel

Good morning we just left the B&B we really loved it so if you’re coming to Cheshire stay at the Mitchells of Chester it’s really close to the roundabout in a really nice area and parking the hosts test and host and really nice rooms are big bottle of me toiletries are amazing and the breakfast was really good i was so full so full and we were like the first ones there so we are in the funding was there was an honesty bar in the living room lounge but we didn’t use it I’ve always wanted to know really what on honesty borrowers and now I do and now we’re going for a big big shopping trip.

We sort of started last night but we had a bit of a mad panic because everything was closing and there was a lot pressure Alex and I’ve been saving up for this shopping trip so those already no room on the back seat I’m gonna be there soon we’re in it’s really busy barely see where we are people so we’re little early but we are hoping that thingies Starbucks is open which happens to be next to mulberry we just finished shopping it’s two o’clock so we’ve been shopping since it opened at ten four hours quite going and now we’re going to go to the lake district yay yay and we’re going to the crag would Country House Hotel.

Obviously I won’t film the journey because it’s boring enough no one wants to document that and we can’t even get out the car park so happy times we’ll see you in the names very nice whoo big look at the mountains.

We finally arrive in the Lake District and stay at the most amazing hotel, The Cragwood Country House Hotel, its so beautiful. They provide us with the most incredible food and we explore the grounds, popping into Windermere briefly.

We are and when demand is very very very pretty as you can see sorta yes and yeah here the nest right the car park every day this is likely loves here beautiful she looking I just arrived but my parents and Heidi just got here I can’t remember if I showed you our other room but we swapped with my parents because we had two beds a single in a super king um and in that room they just had a super king and we thought it’d be nice for them to have our room because it’s bigger so I’ll show you our room a bit hot don’t know why don’t actually feel that hot this is our ring prepare Nessa this is our room yeah and Heidi’s bed state that we’ve got view of the car park whereas before my parents now have you have a pond but it’s still pretty nice and green and this is more in the old oldish building and accidentally.

So I’ll make more calls new one it’s plain horrible oh yeah we’re gonna do with it this is the be from our hotel teddy has earned a crate that he goes to sleep okay yes she thanked and drug herself in some real horrible stuff happen look at the sky this is at the bottom of our hotel the crannies had a dead yeah very beautiful good guy.

Clever girl oops this time to run there babe everywhere so we just have a rope around we’re going to be okay ready I’m just like Heidi Holly suffer and in our hotel room and now we’re gonna go meet my parents.

For this is out the window just love it all windermere like or bonus like i should say this is our many that i got with the room how great just that look does that it’s like really good, there’s still tick tock waiting for my parents to descend.

At Christmas it’s really lovely there the Christmas tree there and then the fire is burning we ate most of the canapes this is chicken and cream cheese mushroom and then there was like a fish thing yeah answer it this is the B from our table young bread races so I’m having duck egg back padding you know comedy remember what’s the meeting I said avocado ice cream alex is having deconstructed pork terrine with a leg picatinny mom and dad I got coconut sorbet and alex and i’ve got button expression and you rang cabbage what’s this thing tato decimated say that looks good dad blood with carrot crisps and then I like just having chicken Cheyenne Aaron the seaweed there was this week so far police with chocolate sauce and chocolate mangesh ice cream is that Jack where was it make my god and I’ve got sticky toffee pudding with some Chantilly cream and a dynamic riches sugar we just finished supper I’m so full our youthful attic yeah you probably miss amazing raineesha I’m Heidi look how lots of chocolate.