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Garden ideas in a country house - Things you must try in a country house
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Garden ideas in a country house

Garden ideas in a country house

Country houses are famous for their unique architecture and beautiful gardens. If you are the owner of country house or just love country houses in general you must know the importance of a beautiful garden at a country side. It is calming and refreshing, you can get everything you want just under one roof. Most of the country clubs take pride in their beautiful gardens and what makes it even more important is that customers when selecting a country house or just for the stay, considered the location and garden first. If you have a country house or you are looking for a country house here are some ways you can change your garden and make it look better and more attractive.

Wall garden

It is one of my personal favorites, not only it is beautiful but it saves your money. You don’t have to focus on the paint, it saves you the cost of paint, and also you can grow your favorite herbs, vegetables and spices. If you live in a place where there is direct sunlight, this will save the walls from direct sunlight and prevent it from heating and make it stay cool even in hot summers.

Staircase garden

Most of the time when there is a steep or uneven place, we don’t use it for gardening. You don’t need to worry about the slop any more, grow anything you want by making it a staircase garden. Not only this will help you to use your land for growing vegetables and flowers but this looks extremely beautiful from aerial view. Most of the people love to take pictures, this will be great for them, make it beautiful by growing flowers of different color at every stair, and this will help you to use the extra place for decoration. Another important thing is that you can use flowers from these gardens for decoration.

Hanging garden

This is one of the best ideas, you can use it anywhere you want. If you have a place to hang something you can turn into a garden, just use small pots and hang them by using a thin rope. You can grow anything, flowers, veritable or even herbs. In case you love to grow your own food, this can be the garden for your kitchen, just hang these pot outside your kitchen windows and whenever you need anything all you have to do is open the window and you can enjoy fresh herbs directly from the garden.