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How to arrange a perfect country house wedding - Things you must try in a country house
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How to arrange a perfect country house wedding

How to arrange a perfect country house wedding

The destination wedding is becoming a huge trend, no one wants to get married in the same old traditional way. It is the only time you can show your creativity and you don’t have to care about others, this is the time to show your creative side and aesthetic sense. More and more people are planning a country house wedding, it is all over the internet and some of the pictures are breath-taking. If you want to arrange your country wedding but can’t decide what exactly you need to do, you are the right place. Here are some important tips you need to try for your country house wedding.


Color combination is very important, most of the wedding have a white theme which is understandable but it’s getting too mainstream. Get a little experimental and try something different, it’s your wedding you are the boss, make it count. If you don’t want to experiment so much, select a theme. You can use pastels and pinks if you want to play safe. They complement perfectly with every color.


Select an outdoor reception, you don’t want to get married in a beautiful place with greenery all around and still can’t have your reception outdoor. This is the best part of a country wedding, you don’t need extra lights or carpets, and instead, you have green grass and the sun. It’s best for the photoshoots, your photographer will love it. You can get best pictures in natural light and still enjoy the warmth of sunlight, another plus is that you don’t have to worry about extra decoration, just focus on the table arrangement, everything around is already beautiful.

Table arrangement

If you have everything arranged to perfection but your table arrangement is not good, your wedding can never be perfect. Focus on the table arrangement, use everything natural. Add flowers and ribbons with light brown, this will add rustic effect to the table setting. Also, make sure you have candles in the middle, the best thing about the outdoor wedding is you don’t have to get scented candles, everyone will love the smell of green grass and natural flowers. If there are trees, don’t hesitate to incorporate them, hang some candles and add some ribbons, this will look perfect. You can also add a wish box for everyone, this will be perfect for bride and groom. Everyone can write a wish and drop it in the box, not only this is very entertaining but very thoughtful.