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TIPS TO CHOOSE BEST HOTEL - Things you must try in a country house
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While planning a great holiday to somewhere. First thing is to search for top ten visiting places of that country or area. After doing this take a look over historical places of the concerned area. By completing these step you will create your own plan; which places you will visit and which places you are going to skip from your vocational trip.

After making plan, take a survey of all the hotels of the area which are nearest to your visiting spots. There are few things that must keep it in your head while taking the survey, to keep time and quality balanced during research.


First step is to select which place you would prefer to visit first. According to that place use your search bar. Just type any online booking site of hotels; most famous one is ‘’ it is been regularly updated. After the site is opened, write the name of the city in which you are going to stay. Just make sure if your budget is high then search 5 star hotels otherwise, no need to waste your time, type only 2 star hotels. You will get a list easily.


After getting a list of hotels. Second step would be; look for those staying places in which you assume that you will get all those facilities that would make your vocational time creative and more fun. Just like gym, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, playing areas, etc. room must be huge and airy, washrooms must be large. And according to season warm and cold water must be provided in bathrooms.


When you have gotten idea of all hotel’s prices and their facilities according to your budget and plan, then move your research ahead by visiting all hotel’s websites individually. You will see reviews from random people at almost all the sites. Read all the reviews of random, if not possible at least read more than 3 comments. Almost every hidden problem will be in front of you after reviewing. Possibly hotel is staying awake till late night and you are planning vocations with your family then obviously you will kick out such places from the entire list. You can gather a lot of other stuff to nearest places as well.


If your chosen hotel is not suitable for you by any mean, go again to search bar and write your concerned city and clearly mention what you are actually looking for.


Fifth and last step is to check the list of hotels which you have chosen very carefully by research and reviews. There might be 70 or 80 hotels. First thing is to check the cheapest hotel among them. Second is to see if it is near visiting spots or shopping area. Third thing to go through is the facilities they are providing. Without final checking never book your hotel and don’t pay in advance. There might be any hidden taxes as well that you will come to know when you reach that place.